Are brca hormone receptors?

No. Brca genes are important in repairing damaged dna. Mutations in these genes allow defective dna to replicate and turn the cells with defective dna into turmors.
No. The BRCA proteins are involved in DNA repair. They also complex with many other proteins that are signal tranducers that regulate how other genes are expressed and how cells transition through the cell cycle (divide and grow). They are not hormonal receptors. Hormone receptors active in breast cancer include the estrogen recepter, progesterone recepter and Her2.
No, it's a gene. If you have a mutation in the brca1 or 2 gene, you are at higher risk of getting a first cancer, and of having recurrence of a prior treated cancer. The brca gene helps cells repair themselves when they get damanged. Cells in people with a mutated brca1 or 2 gene can't repair themselves, so they are more likely to become cancerous. A mutated gene can be passed down through the family.