Does methotrexate cause fertility issues after molar pregnancy?

No. Methotrexate causes the abnormal molar pregnancy cells to stop growing. It will not affect fertility. It is important to avoid getting pregnant while taking the medication and for a few months after therapy is completed. Your doctor should give you details.
Molar pregnancy. Methotrexate only rarely causes fertility issues. The fertility issues are probably more associated with the age of your eggs.

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What are fertility issues or other complications after molar pregnancy?

Scar tissue. First, the molar pregnancy must be completely removed from your body before attempting another pregnancy and confirmed by your doctor with beta-hcg blood tests. Second, if you had a D&C procedure to clean out the molar pregnancy, it is possible to have scar tissue in the uterus that may prevent pregnancy. A gyn or fertility specialist can help make sure your body is ready for another pregnancy.. Read more...
Molar pregnancy. Once follow is done. Most women are able to conceive and carry a normal pregnancy. Fertility issues are not common unless <18 or over 40. Read more...