What is your experience with trying to conceive after being on the pill for 20 years?

Great. Most women do great after coming off the pill, even after 20 years. My concern wouldn't be the pill, but would be age. If someone started the pill at age 20 and now comes off at age 40, i'm more concerned about her age than the pill. Hope this helps!

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Been trying to concieve for 8 months, was on the pill 2 months before trying, and had an IUD 2 years before that. What could be wrong?

Normal. 85% of couples will conceive within one year of trying. Some are in the first month and some in the 11 month. At this point you are still in the normal range even though it can be very frustrating. Take good care of yourself. Eat well, avoid alcohol/tob/drugs, sleep 8+hours/night. See your doctor if it doesn't happen after a year of trying and having normal monthly periods. Read more...