What exactly is primary biliary cirrhosis?

Liver disease. Primary biliary cirrhosis is an autoimmune liver disease seen most commonly in women in the 4th to 5th decade of life. It generally presents with unexplained itching and occasionally jaundice. It is frequently found on routing screening liver tests which may show an elevated alkaline phosphotase. Though not curable it is treatable and treatment slows the progression to cirrhosis.
An inherited disease. Primary biliary cirrhosis is a condition of unknown cause with genetic predisposition, probably of an autoimmune nature, where the cells that line the biliary tract proliferate and eventually die and scarring occurs, which is what cirrhosis is about - scarring in the liver that interferes with its function. Definitive treatment is transplantation, but there are medications which can improve it.

Related Questions

Is primary biliary cirrhosis hereditary?

Basically no. There's a pair of genes that carry the ability to develop the disease and these run in families, but it's not inherited like sickle cell, huntington's or some of the other familiar entities. Http://www. Medicalnewstoday. Com/releases/151640.php.

How can I treat primary biliary cirrhosis?

Ursodiol. There is not much available to treat primary biliary cirrhosis, but ursodiol helps normalize the liver enzymes. For other therapies you should discuss with a hepatologist.

What can be done for primary biliary cirrhosis?

Number of things. If caught early, there are medications, particularly ursodeoxycholic acid (actigall) which can slow it down. Preventing and treating complications is also important, especially high pressure in the portal vein, which can be treated with beta blockers (inderal (propranolol) and others) and sometimes surgery. Itching, fatigue and other symptoms can be treated as well, but liver transplant is needed when severe.

Can you tell me about primary biliary cirrhosis?

Liver disease. Chronic disease of the liver from scarring of the biliary ducts. Probably an autoimmune disease. There are medications to help with this disease, but you need close follow up with a GI doc. Good luck.

What can I expect if I have primary biliary cirrhosis?

Progressive ldisease. Usually fatigue, jaundice, itching and development of ascites or leg edema. You should also screen for development of liver cancer.
Maybe liver failure. Primary biliary cirrhosis is an insidious disease that tends to be progressive over time. The small ducts that drain bile from the liver will narrow and prevent adequate drainage of bile to the intestine. The liver will experience damage with years of inadequate bile drainage and eventually severe scarring (cirrhosis) occurs. With cirrhosis, the only option is liver transplantation for best chance.

Has anyone survived primary biliary cirrhosis for long?

Yes. There are some new medications that have been effective for stopping the progression of primary biliary cirrhosis, particularly urso- deoxycholic acid. In addition, liver transplanation can be lifesaving, and patients can live normal lifespans after liver transplantation, although the need for anti- rejection drugs can affect the quality of life and cause complications which shorten life as well.

How does one effectively treat primary biliary cirrhosis?

Not a great answer. Unfortunately, there is no cure. The autoimmune disorder destroys the liver over time. The treatments help to relieve the symptoms (ursodiol, anti-itching meds, anti-inflammatory meds, immune suppressing meds etc.) and if the disease progresses to final stages, liver transplant is the only really treatment.

Could I get a handicap parking placard for primary biliary cirrhosis?

Why do you ask? These permits are placed for people who have much more physical difficulty walking than do other peoples. If you have ascites and muscle wasting from primary biliary cirrhosis, this might be fair. If you have mild disease, and people see that you are asking for a special privilege that someone else would need far more, you'll lose the respect of your peers. Make the best choice.