What are the possible causes of tooth loss besides poor dental hygiene?

3 Main Causes. Except for rare medical/genetic disorders, tooth loss is caused by three main things: gum disease, large cavities, & trauma. Gum disease is the most common, accounting for about 80% of lost teeth. Nearly all these conditions can be prevented with excellent oral hygiene at home & regular dental visits. Unfortunately, you can't do it yourself. You need professional help to keep your mouth healthy.
Other reasons. Orthodontics: to make room for crowded teeth. Restorattive: we will sometimes remove a tooth that is in the way due to having drifted into an edentulous space that is now being restored. Growth & development: serial extration of baby teeth are sometimes necessary to aid in the erruption of permanent teeth. Ectopic erruption: teeth sometimes grow in the wrong place and need to be removed!
Tooth loss. Temporary or milk teeth in toddlers, some medications for epilepsy, gum diseases, growth in jaw or gums, trauma, etc.