Do you agree with fertility treatment? What are ethics, long-term considerations for the kids created?

Ethics. Ethics is the study of what we "should do. " it is more than simple opinion and should be based on considered debate and facts. That said personal opinion and custom come into play. In the end are we comfortable that we have given the subject of considerable thought (society sets limits)and made up our own mind. See link on the health of babies : http://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/m/pubmed/17079550/.
Absolutely! If ivf treatment causes an increase in birth defects or increases in cancer for example... 1. Should we be rendering treatment? 2. Are facts regarding scientific data being presented to patients and letting them make informed decisions? 3. What if a woman uses someone else's egg and if a child is born with a defect that is attributable to the donor, do we have responsibility to tell the donor?