Where do they put needles for acupuncture for fertility treatments?

It varies. In my opinion, the best acupuncture treatments are those that individualize the needle placement in the person based on his/her particular situation. For example, is one woman is infertile due to endometriosis, while the other woman's problem is that she doesn't ovulate, the placement of the needles would not necessarily be the same because their underlying conditions are not the same.
Abdomen and ear. The placement of abdominal needles is uniquely determined depending on the cause of the woman's fertility issues. Augmenting with auricular (ear) points is beneficial. Major meridian points may also be utilized.

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Can acupuncture help in fertility treatments?

Yes. Yes, acupuncture before and after embryo transfer has been shown to help with fertility. At other times it serves as a good stress reduction method.
Maybe, maybe not. There has been great interest recently in acupuncture as an adjunct for fertility treatments. The evidence I'm afraid is slim, with a few small studies showing an improvement and most showing no difference. So, the verdict is really still out but it seems likely that if acupuncture helps at all, it is probably only a very small difference.
Uncertain benefit. Acupuncture for fertility is not supported by great evidence. One study performed in seattle had lower pregnancy rates in acupuncture group doing ivf compared to no acupuncture group http://bbc. In/hq1my7. Hard to do controlled trials: what's the placebo (fake treatment) group - needles in 'wrong places' or needles that retract? (still get acupressure not acupuncture). Chinese herbs not recommended.
WHO category. The world health organization has categorized inferlity under "diseases, symptoms or conditions for which the therapeutic effect of acupuncture has been shown but for which further proof is needed".