What are factors that affect male fertility?

Lots of things. Stay healthy. All things in moderation. Avoid stress. Read about the things that affect male fertility in detail at: http://theturekclinic.Com/services/male-fertility/male-infertility-evaluation/.
Many. Lack of sperm or azospermia can be due to either obstructive causes in the tract, from the testicle to the urethra, or from non-obstructive causes such as primary testicular dysfunction due to infection (mumps), history of surgery / trauma / chemo / radiation, or idiopathic (unknown). The biopsy should guide the next step in therapy as well as a hormonal panel, particularly fsh, sex chromosome.

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What other factors that affect male fertility are there?

Other than what? Many factors such as genetics, age, testosterone (minor factor), illness, medication, injury to the testicles, tobacco, alcohol, other toxins, radiation -- all can lower fertility. Read more...