Related Questions

How should your cervical mucus change right around conception?

Wet and slippery. Right around time of ovulation, cervical mucus usually becomes wet and slippery (in contrast to thick and sticky).

What cervical mucus looks like at the time of conception?

Clear, thin, watery. Cervical mucus right before ovulation if optimal is clear, thin, and very watery. At times if the mucous is placed between fingers will stretch. It is very similar to egg whites.

Can sneezing hard 2 - 3 times at 9 DPO affect implantation? Also is creamy cervical mucus indicative of potential conception?

No and no. Sneezing is not a contraceptive :) and will not affect conception in any way. Symptoms are also not proof of anything unfortunately, but a home test is reliable 11 DPO so you don't have to wait long! Good wishes.