Has anyone done thoracic surgery using vats?

All the time. Most thoracic procedures are currently being done with vats.
Yes. Yes, I have. Techniques used in thoracic surgery will depend upon indication for surgery and/or diagnosis. There are numerous techniques to include sternotomy, traditional thoracotomy, mini-thoracotomy, video assisted thoracotomy, vats, and robotic approaches. 80+% of what we do will be minimally invasive (vats or robotic).
Yes. VATS is video assisted thoracic surgery. It was developed as a minimally invasive alternative to a full thoracotomy, and has been used widely for the last 30 years.
Yes. In our practice, over 70% of stage I and ii lung cancers are removed by vats or video-assisted thoracic surgery. This is performed through 3-4 thumb sized incisions and a high definition camera. Http://www. Ucdmc. Ucdavis. Edu/surgery/specialties/cardio/thoracicsurgery. Html.

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