Is a traumatic pneumothorax the same as a tension pneumothorax?

No. One can lead to the other, but they are not the same thing. A traumatic pneumothorax is one that occurs from any traumatic injury, as opposed to a spontaneous pneumothrorax. A tension pneumo is a type of pneumothorax that happens with leaking air gets trapped in the chest and pushes on the heart and opposite lung. It is a very serious condition that can cause death. It is luckily fairly rare.

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I have chet, is a traumatic pneumothorax the same as a tension pneumothorax, any suggestions?

Not exactly. If the collapsed lung (pneumothorax) creates enough pressure, it can compress the right side of the heart. This decreases the blood return to the heart. Without adequate blood return, your heart does not have enough blood to pump out to your body. This is called tension pneumothorax. Not all traumatic pneumothoracis cause tension. Read more...

Had a traumatic pneumothorax. Its been 20 days since the accident. Is there a high likelihood of a recurrence if I choose to smoke marijuana?

Hard to predict. Spontaneous pneumothorax is much more common in patients who smoke marijuana for 6 years and smoke as well. Tobacco smoke itself increases risk of spontaneous pneumothorax. The body has an incredible ability to heal but tobacco and marijuana are clearly harmful to the lungs. Read more...