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Is it possible that a person survive a ruptured esophagus due to an eating disorder?

Serious problem. A ruptured esophagus, also called boerhaave's syndrome, is a life-threatening and often fatal problem that occurs due to excessive vomiting. Patients who self-induce vomiting/purging are at risk. This is not the same as a laceration or mallory-weis tear. Without treatment boerhaave's syndrome is almost always fatal.

When does eating disorder cause ruptured esophagus?

Eating DO. Inflammation of esophagus can occur with frequent self-induced vomiting or chronic cases but rupture is rare.
Pressure. More specifically, the particular type of eating disorder called bulimia is associated with a tear in the esophagus due the pressure from inducing vomiting. This can cause something called a mallory-weiss tear and can be fatal.
Acid. Purging (self-induced vomiting), characteristic of bulimia, causes stomach acid to deposit in the esophagus. This would erode and eventually rupture the esophagus.