I just threw up my barium swallow. What should I do?

Try again. If it was just a couple swallows give it another try slower pace ... If it was good volume call the center and tell the and ask to reschedule.
Prob. isolated event. It sounds like either you became nauseated from the barium meal or have slow gastric emptying if occurred a while after the meal. If self limited event without any other issues or symptoms, probably should forget about the incident. Barium is inert and usually does not cause any problems.
Call your MD. Continue drinking the barium, try to hold it down, because that's the way the radiologist will be able to see your digestion tract and bowels in the x-ray. If you can't hold it down, make sure and call your doctor's office before the test to inform them.

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I had a pain in my stomach right after doing the barium swallow test. I also was vomiting an hour after the test. Is this normal?

Not usually. Most people do not have discomfort or vomiting after an upper G.I. barium swallow. There are many possibilities as to the cause of this. It could be whatever underlying problem you may have in your digestive tract. It also may be anxiety over the results. I would consult with your doctor who ordered the test once the results are available. Good luck. Read more...