Heart valve replacement. Which valves need it most?

Heart valves. The mitral and aortic valves are the most often replaced valves, but sometimes the mitral valve can be repaired, but not the aortic valve. So probably the aortic is the most replaced. It is much less common that the pulmonary or tricuspid valve be replaced.

Related Questions

How can they do a heart valve replacement?

Carefully. Usually there will be scalpel used in the process, but sometimes, not. - a catheter may be used for some.

Can we do heart valve replacement at 66 years old?

In most cases. If the indication is clear and there are no major contraindications or concomitant diseases, age per se is not a reason to decline cardiac valvular surgery, especially at only 66 years of age. This is best left to the attending cardiologist and consulting cardiothoracic surgeon to discuss with the patient and family.

Need heart valve replacement soon; which is best valve?

Too complicated. Can't answer this here. Talk to your heart surgeon. "best" valve depends on their expertise, your specific situation and your future plans.

What do you advise for heart valve replacement military?

Depends. There are many options: repair, and replacement with mechanical and bio-prosthetic (tissue) valves. Issues to discuss regarding valve choice included durability, need for re-operation, and anticoagulant etc. Occupation and lifestyle (and willingness to modify) has influence on decision too. Valve pathology is another thing to weigh.

Is the heart valve replacement procedure particularly dangerous?

No, some risks exist. Like any invasive surgical procedure there are risks: infection<2%, stroke < 1%, death<.5%; these numbers can vary depending on degree of co-existing illness in patient. Many of these procedures have been performed, you can obtain success data on a given physician. In every case, a risk/benefit calculation must be analyzed.
Any procedure is. "particularly dangerous". But what is the "risk-benefit ratio"? Risk analysis can be simple or complex depending upon lots of factors. It maybe helpful to click on this link:http://www. Sbccv. Org. Br/residentes/downloads/artigo-residentes-julho. Pdf.

If I'm having a heart valve replacement do I have the right to insist on a tissue valve or mechanical valve?

Absolutely. Your doctor hopefully will apprise you of the risks/benefits of both valve types. You as the patient, armed with that advise, can make the decision. Often times, your doctor will recommend one over the other, but again, you make the final decision.
Sort of. You can discuss the 2 types of valves with your surgeon and even tell them what your preference is. If the surgeon disagrees you can see a different surgeon for a different opinion. It is possible you would find someone who would put the other type in. You cannot however demand a surgeon do a particular procedure or use a particular device if they don't think it is indicated.