Are you against heart and lung transplants for sick CF people?

Heart/lung transplan. Actually no, but it is important to realize that they do come with some issues. The transplant may get rid of the CF issues in those areas, but the individual still has CF and that will affect other organs. Also, the medicines for immune suppression necessary after a transplant have their own risks, such as an increased risk of infection.

Related Questions

Can you just have a lung transplant for CF or does it have to be a heart and lung transplant?

Yes you can. Transplants for CF are an added challenge because of the colonization of the lungs and sinuses with bacteria that are often resistant to most antibiotics. Many centers have significant expertise in transplant for CF patients (michigan, cleveland, pittsburgh, north carolina to name just a few). If you seek a transplant, you must be otherwise in good health and follow a strict regimen afterwards.
Just a lung. The majority of patients with end stage lung disease from cystic fibrosis receive a lung alone transplant. There are only about 50 combined heart-lung transplants done each year, and most are for severe pulmonary hypertension.
CF/tx. CF patients who are not able to be managed with medical therapy can be considered for lung transplantation. The decision is complex and consists of an assessment of survival benefit as well as whether the candidate is a good patient for the lung transplantation and follow up care.

Why do sufferers of cystic fibrosis have heart and lung transplants?

Usually not. Most people with CF have neither, and almost never have a heart/lung transplant if thy do. Both lungs are usually transplanted partially to reduce the risk of infection.

Please tell me, are you against heart and lung transplants?

Certainly not. But it's a very big undertaking, requires life long immunosuppressive treatment, and donors are scarce so it will never be a treatment that is used in large numbers.

Who needs heart and lung transplants?

Heart/Lung Fail. Those who meet the criteria for heart and lung transplants. Cardiopulmonary failure, cardiac or pulmonary failure.

Are you against poor people getting heart and lung transplants?

No. Most of the people we transplant require some assistance with their very expensive post-transplant medications and surveillance.
No. Those in need of solid organ transplants do need to have health insurance, and have a support system that will permit them to have a safe and successful outcome.

What is the definition or description of: heart and lung transplant?

New heart and lungs. Both the diseased heart and lungs are removed from the recipient and then a new heart and lungs are implanted. This procedure is done on those with both severe heart and lung disease. The patient is placed on immunosuppressive medication after the procedure.

Whats life expectancy for heart and lung transplant?

It varies. It is too variable to answer: my patient is 14 years status post at lung transplant and is still going strong.

What is the life expectancy for a heart and lung transplant?

It varies. It is variable. My patient is 14 years status post a heart - lung transplant and he is still going strong.