What are the pros and cons of coronary bypass surgery?

Bucks and injury. Over the last several years angioplasty has exceeded coronary bypass surgery as the preferred way to treat coronary artery disease. Optimistic coronary bypass patients are half as likely as pessimists to require re-hospitalization. The big bucks are in triple coronary bypass surgery, not routine visits to the doctor's office.

Related Questions

When is coronary bypass surgery necessary?

Symptoms. When diet, exercise and medicines don't provide adequate symptom relief, then CABG is indicated if the anatomy and other factors allow. There are other possible indications too.

Is coronary bypass surgery low risk surgery?

Generally yes. The average mortality rate for coronary artery bypass surgery is between 1-3%, with 1% being the patients with the lowest risk and least complicated surgery and 3% being the most complicated of the surgeries.

Why is coronary bypass surgery a risky thing?

Can be a good thing. All surgeries/procedures carry potential risks. The benefits of coronary bypass in the appropriately selected patients can far outweigh the risks.

Does coronary bypass surgery extend the lives of most?

Yes. Most patients who undergo coronary bypass surgery have 2 or 3 vessel coronary artery disease and do benefit from prolonged survival.

Tell me about minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery?

2 definitions. One definition is the avoidance of cardiopulmonary bypass or "off-pump." more classic definition is any surgery that avoids a stenotomy (dividing the breastbone). This can be done with a mini-thoracotomy or completely endoscopic with robotics.

What to tell me about minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery?

Possible. There are some indications, and some risks. Many patients have multiple vessels involved and on the back of the heart. Standard operation gives great exposure, full revasculariazion with low risk through the years. Some minimal are also not so minimal!, when examined!

Can you please explain why coronary bypass surgery is a good thing?

Only for acute dis. CABG and medical therapy in the long run have similar efficacy, but in acute situation surgery is very effective.
Works., Blockage of coronaries is a mechanical issue like a traffic jam. Detour= bypass allows traffic- blood to get to the destination. This relieves angina symptoms and in selected cases seems to prolong quality life.

Does anyone know of any non-invasive alternative to coronary bypass surgery?

Medication. However, medication is generally not nearly as good a substitute in terms of restoring adequate blood flow to the heart muscle as is bypass surgery in the patients who are recommended to have bypass surgery.