How long after a heart attack do you stop thinking every chest pain is another?

CP. General rule of thumb: chest pain which is severe lasting more than 30 min considered a heart attack. Pain mostly localized retro- sternally. Associated with tachycardia, sweating, anxiety. Having said all these symptomsmay not be present, severity of pain differs in perception, so when in doubt go to the er.
Depends....... You will always do that to some degree, but it will lessen over time. The first year is the toughest. Remember that the one good thing about having a heart attack is that you know what one feels like. So, if you have pain similar to the heart pain you had with your heart attack, that is much more concerning than other 'pains.' the key is: if it scares you, go get checked.

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How long after a heart attack do you stop thinking every chest pain is another attack?

Varies. It is common to have a certain amount of anxiety after a heart attack. Discussing this with your doctor, including how cardiac chest pain is different from other kinds of chest pain may help. Some patients also need therapy for anxiety or depression directly and some will improve with cardiac rehab.
Depends on person. A heart attack is a life changing event for most people. Each person handles it differently. I've seen some people return to "normal" in a few weeks and others develop severe ptsd for years. You should speak to your md, consider cardiac rehab and consider a support group.

How do I stop anxiety about my health? Every time I get the slightest chest pain or feel nauseous, I think I'm having a heart attack.

Anxiety. Generalized anxiety do is common & can be helped thru therapy & medications if warranted, following evaluation by a mental health professional.

How does one stop chest pain during a heart attack?

CP. CP at random times- does not sound too ominous. It has to be evaluated keeping in view of cardiac risk factors. Get checked atleast once.
See below. Most importantly, call 911 to make sure that you will be treated properly in a hospital setting. While you are waiting, two things may help - a sublingual nitroglycerin, or taking a deep breath and holding it, that redistributes blood flow to the coronaries.
Variety of things. Nitoglycerine, morphine, oxygen for starters as well as beta blockers for high hr or htn.

Chest pain like its very hard to breathe feels like im gonna stop breathing and have heart attack or stroke, feel like im gonna die. Normal 2decho?

Go to the Doctor. Your symptoms sound urgent and this is the worst place to be when you cannot breathe and are having chest pain. Please get to urgent medical care asap.
Any persistent. Chest pain or shortness of breath calls for apt with your physician- your young but it's still necessary.

Chest pain and shoulder so I go to ER r/o heart attack now home with same pain thank u riza?

Might need again. Might need to go back to er, unless you had an overnight stay and a stress test next day, that was totally negative it still can be cardiac, so I wouldn't risk.
??? Chest pain means er if not: better have checked with your doc if it is safe to no go.

Are all types of chest pain a heart attack?

No. There are many organs and structures that live in the heart's neighborhood! Any of these can cause chest pain. These include esophageal and stomach problems (like reflux) and lung problems. Any problems of the chest wall muscles or nerves (like a case of shingles) can cause chest pain. Even the joints along the sternum can become inflamed and cause chest pain, a problem known as costrochondritis.
No. Although angina pectoris gets the most attention, the list also includes esophageal reflux, pericarditis, pinched nerve in the thoracic spine, pleuritis, costochondritis, and a number of other things. Your doctor should be able to sort this out with a thorough history, physical exam, and simple testing.