What is a micro- penis? What is its coronary artery disease link?

Unknown link. A microphallus is a stretched penile length two standard deviations below the mean in a population. It is usually seen in syndromes of abnormal hormonal or genital development. At times, these syndromes can be associated with heart defects. There is no clear link with coronary artery disease (CAD) described in the literature. A "buried penis" can be due to obesity, a risk factor of cad.

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Anyone know what is a micro - penis and what is the coronary artery disease link?

Tiny penis < 2 1/2". (7 cm) when erect in post-pubertal male. Less than 1 inch (2.5 cm) stretched length from pubic bone to tip of glans in a full term, normal size infant. Maximal glans diameter is correspondingly small, < 0.75 cm in ft infant <1.5 cm in adult male. Not related to coronary artery disease.
Micro means small. Unknown relation to heart- coronary artery.

Can you get coronary artery disease from drugs?

Yes. "drugs" is a vague term but if you mean recreational drugs then yes. Marijuana is as bad if not worse than cigarettes. No filter, held for extended time in lungs, and often contains unknown contaminants. So if smoking is a known risk factor....Cocaine tends to cause intense coronary artery vasospasm. This can damage the endothelium and allow cholesterol to deposit in the vessels.

Can you have coronary artery disease at a young age?

Yes, but less likely. Coronary artery disease definitely increases in prevelance with aging. There are less common cases of CAD in younger people and are more associated with family history of CAD in young age, smoking, and diabetes. Also coronary spasms can occur, but are more likely assoc. With drug (such as Cocaine or amphetamine) use.
Yes. Not usually to the degree of heart attack, but some plaque in american troops identified in18 year olds. Some others with hyperlipemias, diabetes etc.

Can you develop coronary artery disease without knowing?

Yes. The process of atherosclerosis begins at birth. It accelerates based on risk factors and genetics as well as life style. It often goes undetected until the first event which cam be a fatal hear attack, know your risk and be proactive. See your doctor.
Yes. The earliest manifestations of coronary disease, at autopsy, were noted in teenagers who died from motor vehicle accidents and soldiers killed on the battlefield. The disease begins at an early age but only becomes symptomatic later in life.

How will coronary artery disease risk differ among races?

Relates to risk fact. Theres no direct evidence that race is has a cause and effect on cad. That said blacks tend to have higher blood pressure, diabetes, and smoke etc thus leads to more CAD and lower suvival rates.