Can you develop coronary artery disease without knowing?

Yes. The process of atherosclerosis begins at birth. It accelerates based on risk factors and genetics as well as life style. It often goes undetected until the first event which cam be a fatal hear attack, know your risk and be proactive. See your doctor.
Yes. The earliest manifestations of coronary disease, at autopsy, were noted in teenagers who died from motor vehicle accidents and soldiers killed on the battlefield. The disease begins at an early age but only becomes symptomatic later in life.

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How can you develop coronary artery disease without hypertension? What is the liklihood of contracting coronary artery disease without any hypertension?

Having. Having ideal blood pressure (<120/80 mmhg) goes a long way toward preventing coronary artery disease, but it is only one of several risk factors. Some risk factors cannot be controlled, such as age, gender and genetics. But other things you can do to help prevent atherosclerosis include abstaining from tobacco, controlling your cholesterol, maintaining a healthy body weight, exercising, and minimizing stress. Unfortunately, hypertension is very common and the majority of people develop it at some point in their life as they age.
Yes. Risk for development of CAD (coronary artery disease) is multi-factorial. Genetics, cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, obesity, sedantary lifestyle, stress, life style choices etc can all contribute as much as hypertension, although hypertension tends to be a common assocaited condition with cad.

Can I develop coronary artery disease without hypertension?

Sure. Hypertension is just one of many risk factors for coronary artery disease.
Yes. Hypertension is a risk factor for cad, but you can get coronary artery disease with normal blood pressure. This does not diminish the importance of managing your blood pressure - don't ignore it.

Can you develop coronary artery disease from hypertension?

Yes. Hypertension is one of the many risk factors for atherosclerosis. The others are diabetes, family history, high cholestol, and smoking.

What is coronary artery disease without hypertension?

Still CAD. Coronary artery disease is when cholesterol builds up in the coronary arteries. Hypertension is simply one of the risk factors. Just like diabetes, smoking, age, gender, postmenopausal, etc. You dont need all of them to have cad.

I'm diabetic, am I more likely to develop coronary artery disease?

Yes. The answer is yes. But by strictly controlling your diabetes, stopping smoking - if you smoke, staying at a very healthy weight, eating properly, exercising (if you have health problems consult your doctor before starting any exercise program) every day, taking any prescribed medications as instructed and having regular check-ups to catch changes quickly you can impact your health tremendously.
Yes, unfortunately. Your are if you don't aggressively manage it. Someone who has diabetes has the same risk of a heart attack as someone who has already had one cardiac event. Diabetics need to be aggressively treated with aspirin, cholesterol lower medications, treatment of the underlying disease and also blood pressure medications.
Yes. Your risk is higher than normal. Modifying the risks you can i.e. NOT smoking is crucial. Maintain a healthy lifestyle (exercise) and having a good diet are beneficial as well as good blood sugar control and management of any hypertension.

Is it possible to treat triple vessel coronary artery disease without cabg?

Yes, possible, but.. .. it is very individualized. Many factors are considered, including age, symptoms, stress results, recent heart attack, presence of diabetes, heart muscle function, coronary anatomy. It's highly complex, even if it doesn't seem that way. Your physicians prioritize dozens of data points to conclude that bypass may be necessary. Unless it is an emergency, a 2nd opinion may help allay your anxiety.
Depends. There are too many variables, such as the severity of disease, presence of "target" vessels for bypass etc. To be able to answer this question in generic terms. This is a very individualized consideration that is best answered by your cardiologist or even primary care physician. Technically, it is possible to treat any heart disease without CABG, but non-surgical treatment may be sub-optimal.

Please tell me might be possible to treat triple vessel coronary artery disease without having a surgical cabg?

Possible. Traditionally, triple vessel disease was treated with bypass surgery. Depending on the anatomy and the patient, multi-vessel stenting could be a reasonable option.
Less likely. Occasional stenting can be used. Need the whole history and exact anatomy of the coronaries, and other risk factors to make a recommendation.
Best option in most. Coronary artery bypass is considered the definitive treatment for triple vessel coronary disease. It may be possible to treat with stents, although outcomes have not typically been as good as surgery. The last choice is medical therapy which is not as good as either of the above options.