What can I do about chest wall pain? Cant sleep.

Usually is. Chest wall pain is generally due to a strained muscle, contused or broken rib, or arthritis/rheumatism of the costo-chondral joints (the attachment of rib to cartilage). Heat, physical therapy, acupuncture and pain relieving drugs are the usual course of therapy. Many forms are self-limited and if persistent, further evaluation is indicated.

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When you sleep on your side can you get chest wall pain?

Yes. Many things can cause chest wall pain. An osteopathic physician (do) can assess your pain and, if the cause is a rib or spinal problem, fix it. As do's are full-fledged physicians and trained in manual treatment, like chiropractors, they may be better equipped than either chiro's or md's, alone, to assess such pain, find whether the cause is an organ, muscle or bone and decide how best to proceed. Read more...