Do breast implants weight more than breast tissue?

Yes. Saline implants are somewhat heavier (for an equal volume) than breast tissue. Silicone implants have a very similar weight to natural breast tissue.
Yes, slightly. Saline-filled implants definitely weigh slightly more than the same volume of breast tissue as breast tissue has a certain amount of fat in it and fat weighs less than water (saline). The older the person and the heavier the person, the more fat present in their breasts, as a rule. A silicone gel implant weighs virtually the same as a saline implant of the same volume.
They cam. It really depends upon how much breast tissue you have in the beginning and how large a pair of implants you have placed.
Saline>silicone<. Is comes down to the oil water argument in the sense that water definitely is more dense than oil. Given that breast tissue is more similar to fat in mature individuals, for the same volume, saline implants weigh slightly more whereas silicone implants are roughly equivalent and may therefore feel slightly more natural.

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Could breast implants weight less than breast tissue?

Perhaps, not usually. The density of silicone implants is very close to breast tissue as it approximates the density of water. However this is not typically the case as most breast mass is a combination of tissue/gland (more dense than silicone) and fat which is less dense than silicone.

Do breast implants weigh less than natural breast tissue?

Implants weigh more. Breast tissue has 3 basic components fat, stroma, glandular tissue fat is. 9 gper ml saline and gel are. 9 & 1.02 g per ml. In large breasts the largest component is fat, the glandular component stays the same. The implant capsule around the implant occupies weight as well so per volume the implants would weigh more if you compare an augmented breast vs a large breast of the same volume.
Implant Weight. Depends of how fibrous the breast tissue in question is. In general, breast tissue is mostly fat tissue. Fat in general is less dense and will float when placed in water. Saline breast implants are mainly salt water. A gallon of fat will have an approximate weight of 7.39 lbs, a gallon of salt water will have a weight of 8.35 lbs and a gallon of silicone will have an approximate weight of 19 lb.
Usually weigh more. This depends on the fat content of the breast. But for a given volume saline and silicone are more dense and therefore weigh more than breast tissue.
It depends. Some women have very dense, heavy breast tissue, so an implant may be the same or lighter than the native tissue. Other women have light tissue.

Wanted to know if breast implants weigh less than breast tissue?

No. The density (weight per volume) of silicone-gel filled implants is similar to body tissues. Saline implants have water density, slightly higher--the human body floats (barely) on water. But breast tissue, having a higher fat content, is more buoyant than the rest of the body, and thus lighter than either implant type. But women are seldom aware of the weight, since the chest muscles support them.

Removal of breast implants - do they take some of your breast tissue out along with the old implant?

Sometimes. Depending on the reason for breast implant removal and the condition of the implants, usually the goal would be to leave the breast tissue alone as much as possible to preserve whatever breast remains. Sometimes if there is a ruptured implant with thick capsular scar tissue, it can be difficult to avoid removing some of the surrounding breast tissue.
Generally not. Unless there is a reason to remove tissue, breast tissue is not typically removed when breast implants are removed or exchanged.
Saline NO. Silicone? This depends in whether you have saline or silicone implants as well as the degree of capsular contracture and the presence of silicone material in the surrounding tissue in the case of implant rupture. In the event of silicone rupture with extrusion of material into the surrounding tissues, resection of the involved tissues may be advised to minimize granuloma.
Not always. A straight forward breast implant removal should be removing the implant. If you have capsular contracture, a portion of the capsule mey be removed. If you are worried about not having enough breast tissue after the implants are removed, you can get fat transferred to add additional fullness.
No. Usually, removal of breast implants does not require removal of any other tissue. However, if the scar tissue (capsule) around the breast implant has hardened, calcified, or is symptomatic, removal may be indicated. Even in these cases, we attempt not to remove any of the patient's own native tissue. If a breast lift is also indicated, breast skin/tissue may also be removed to improve outcomes.
Only if needed: For example, if the capsule tissue around it is hard, calcified, or you have a silicone implant that is ruptured - then I would take out the capsule tissue as well.
No. Removal of breast implants means just removing the implants... Anything else would be considered a breast reduction.

Can I get most of my breast tissue removed when I get implants? Or do they not do that?

Removal of breast. There is no good medical reason to remove breast tissue while getting implants. Tissue is usually removed for cosmetic reason such as a lift. If you are worried about breast cancer prevention, removing most of your natural breast tissue would probably be of little use since residual breast tissue could still become diseased especially if you have a BRCA gene. Best of luck, hope this helps.

I can't keep my weight steady, I fluctuate 40 pounds up and down, does it matter if I get breast implants removed at high or low weight?

Stable Weight. Generally, best to undergo elective breast surgery when you have achieved a long-term stable weight. Doing so will potentially increase the safety of the operation and allow you and your plastic surgeon to determine whether any additional surgery (for example breast lifting) will be beneficial at the time of breast implant removal. Avoidance of weight fluctuation will eliminate one variable...
Before implants? What did your breasts do before implants and weight variations? Whereas some women's breasts change dramatically with weight alterations, others note little if any change. I would suggest that your breasts will experience similar changes with the implants and this may have implications for breast reduction, breast lift or other interventions.
Most women. Will notice breast size fluctuations with that amount of weight change. If you remove them at your lowest weight, you will have the best idea of what your breasts will look like at their smallest, and most "deflated".

How much does 500cc gel breast implants weight?

They will weigh... Together, a little over 2 pounds. Best wishes!
Weight of silicone. Range from 8 to 16 ozs. Best to see a boarded private practice PS in person than you can weight them at the consult.

What type/placement of breast implants works best for a woman who lifts weights and has a muscular chest?

Submuscular silicone. Since female bodybuilders often have very little fat and/or breast tissue to conceal implant edges and ripples, submuscular silicone cohesive gel implants are better than saline. After healing the pec muscles can be worked and strengthened again, and the "extra" tissue coverage is a huge benefit, as well as the decreased risk of capsular contracture. Above the muscle and saline not recommended!
Sub mammary silicone. More likely to consider a sub mammary silicone gel or cohesive gel implant as the strong pectoralis major muscles will deform the implant if placed sub muscularly in a weight lifter with muscular chest. If breast feeding currently then allow breast to settle for a few months before contemplating breast augmentation.
Silicone implants. Prepectoral implants are best for women who are into bodybuilding and have well-defined pectoralis muscles. I would suggest round silicone implants. Anatomic shaped implants are also possible but may shift and result in asymmetry.
Differing Opinions. Although there are many different opinions as to the best way to approach breast augmentation for weightlifters or weight lifters, I think that the best option available is the use of silicone gel breast implants placed in the sub muscular (dual plane) position. Best to educate yourself about the pros and cons of each option available... Best wishes.
Body fat breast size. This depends on several factors including the natural size of your breasts and body fat. I see that you are breast feeding (congratulations!) but if you have sufficient breast tissue and volume loss, o er the muscle may be excellent with minimal distortion with muscle contraction. However, body builders typically have minimal body fat with small breasts. Implants over the muscle may have ripples.

Possible to get breast implants, tissue expansion or a musculocutaneous flap procedure at 50?

Yes. Assuming you are referring to post mastectomy reconstruction, then you have mentioned the three most common techniques for reconstruction whether immediate (combined with the mastectomy) or delayed. Women of any age are candidates for reconstruction as long as they are relatively healthy and motivated with realistic expectations.
Yes. Age is not the sole determinant if you qualify for breast reconstruction. I have seen 30 year olds that are functionally over 70 and vice versa. Your overall health, status as a smoker, weight and body habits, as well as your expectations all can affect whether or not you are a good candidate.
Of course 4 young 50. The decision will depend on a thorough history and physical as well as a review of your desires, expectation, lifestyle and several other factors. I assume that you have had breast cancer. Consultation with your oncologist, general surgeon and/or radiation therapist may be recommended or involved in the decision making process.
Breast Recon Age. These procedures are used daily for breast reconstruction. Since breast cancer is more common over age 50, the procedures are frequently performed in this age group and higher. The determining factor is your health rather than you age. See a board certified plastic surgeon for an opinion.
Certainly. You are right in the standard age group for breast reconstruction. Do your research to find someone with experience and good results. The american society of plastic surgeons website can help - plastic surgery. Org.
Yes. Please see a board certified plastic surgeon. They will go over your individual history and situation. Together you will make a plan that is good for you.