What do surgeons need before performing preventative simple mastectomy?

Appropriate reason. Removing a breast is not an insignificant thing and should only be done for an appropriate indication (i.e. Appropriate high risk). Beyond this, basic screening should have been done in a recent interval - no one likes surprises. The patient should be a reasonable surgical candidate.
An Informed Patient. Before considering a prophylactic mastectomy, it is necessary to understand one's risk of developing breast cancer. This is best addressed by a genetic counselor, supplemented by blood testing. Next, it is important to understand the different surgical options available, especially relating to simultaneous reconstruction. Lastly, a recent mammogram is necessary to check for an occult cancer.

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Can you tell me what kind of proof do surgeons ask for before performing preventative simple mastectomy?

No Proof needed. A surgeon will perform a complete history, family history, and exam to determine you risk for breast cancer. If you are at high risk for developing breast cancer, the surgeon will discuss with you the risks of surgery. More testing may be needed base on your history. It will then be your decision to undergo the surgery or not. Read more...