What is this bloody nipple discharge?

It is abnormal. Bloody nipple discharge has many causes ranging from benign and malignant lesions, infection, inflammation and trauma. The most common cause is a growth within a duct which is called an intraductal papilloma. This is usually a benign tumor. However, breast cancer can also cause nipple discharge which may be bloody or even clear. So it definitely needs an expert evaluation.
Worrisome. Bloody nipple discharge could mean cancer. See your doctor ASAP.

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What could cause bloody nipple discharge?

Papilloma. An polyp in the breast duct (papilloma) is the most common cause of bloody discharge but breast cancer should be eliminated as the cause. A mammogram and ultrasound can show the lesion. A core needle biopsy can make the diagnosis. In some cases as special mammogram with dye (ductogram or galactogram) may need to be performed.
Multiple things. Breast cancer, intraductal papilloma, abscess can all cause nipple bleeding. See your doctor ASAP to have this evaluated.

Besides cancer, what can a 66yo woman with bloody nipple discharge, monolateral and spontaneous have? She doesn't take drugs. No familiarity for cancer

Cancer likely. A bloody nipple discharge is very concerning, especially at her age. Polyps in the ducts are possible, but these are likely to be at least premaliglant. When need immediate evaluation.

Wich is the probability that a 66yo woman with spontaneous, monolateral bloody nipple discharge have cancer? No injuries, no drugs and no familiarity

Varies. There can be benign conditions such as ductal papilloma, or there could be a cancerous cause. I hope yours is benign. Be sure to see a doctor and get a mammogram soon.

Cycles of bloody nipple discharge, then clear oily discharge, then nothing. Then the Cycle starts over. One breast only. What's going on? No lumps.

Needs more testing. Hello Freenie, We always have concern for any nipple discharge. The discharge can be variable in color i.e. clear, white, green or red. You are on hormones though this is absorbed and the blood levels are very minimal. Bloody nipple discharge requires attention with either a mammogram or a mammogram/ ultrasound of the breast. In my practice I have also sent the nipple discharge for pap eva/
Breast discharge. Any bloody discharge from one breast is a concern. Alternating oily discharge can also come from little breast cysts called comedos. Even at 31, with your particular health history it is advisable to obtain a diagnostic digital mammogram of both breasts. Paget's disease of the breast can present as you are describing. Get this exam as soon as possible:

Neg mammo and ultrasound. Bloody nipple discharge when expressed. Does this require surgery? Papilloma in past. Different duct.

Duct excision best. If you have negative mammo and US but with bloody discharge from a single duct, you probably have another papilloma. You should have a duct excision as it is the only way to absolutely rule out a small carcinoma.

I'm have a bloody nipple discharge, itching of the nipple, and lump on side of my breast?

Please See Doctor. Your symptoms require medical evaluation to check for a possible breast cancer. Please make an appointment to see your primary care doctor or gynecologist. They will refer you to a breast surgeon who can sort this out, usually by doing a simple office-based biopsy under local anesthesia. Don't delay!

Is male nipple discharge possible?

Yes. It is very rare. But if present it definitely needs to be check by an expert in breast care to rule out an undrlying malignancy.

Why do I have white nipple discharge?

Uncertain. Possible causes for galactorrhea include but are not limited to use of birth control pills, tricyclic antidepressants, antipsychotic meds, some sedatives, fennel, anise, fenugreek, some hypertension meds, cocaine, opioids, hypothyroidism, prolactinoma, renal dz, testosterone deficiency in men ; significant breast stimulation.
Possibly normal. The breast/nipple can have discharge/drainage of many different colors. White discharge is likely a benign discharge, but see your doctor to have it checked out.