What does appendicitis pain feel like?

Right lower quadrant. Classic pain is sharp, stabbing pain in right lower quadrant pain with rebound tenderness which means if you press down and let go really fast that it hurts when you let go. Atypical appendicitis can be milder pain and diahrea.
Severe pain. Appendicitis can sometimes be a tricky diagnosis due to the different symptoms in different people. However, the classic symptoms are of severe, progressively-worsening, sharp pain, well-localized to the right lower abdomen. This pain does not typically come-and-go. I had appendicitis over 30 years ago and can still remember the pain.

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How do I know exactly what does appendicitis pain feel like?

It hurts!! Sometimes the pain from an inflamed appendix can start around your naval. The pain usually worsens over time and moves to mcburney's point which is in the right lower quadrant of your abdomen. Usually the area is tender when touched or when pressure is released. Things which are jolting like walking or coughing can increase the pain. You likely don’t feel like eating. Keep reading >>>. Read more...