How do surgeons fix gastroschisis?

Primary or silo. A baby born with gastroschisis has a hole in the abdominal wall with the bowel out. Ideally, all of the bowel can be placed in the belly & the hole repaired primarily, leaving a fairly normal looking bellybutton. If the bowel does not all fit in, a "silo" can be constructed to contain it. The silo is then serially reduced over 5-7 days until it is all inside , & the defect can be repaired.
Slow return of bowel. Modern surgical approach does not necessarily involve sutures and major surgery; the extruded bowel is placed in a sterile silo over the baby's belly and allowed to slowly return to its proper place inside the abdomen within the first few weeks of life. The small skin defect is then closed with bio-glue and the cosmetic results are excellent. Of course, complications require additional procedures.