What are some common causes of rectal pain?

Rectal pain. Rectal pain is a common problem. Causes of rectal pain include: hemorrhoids, anal fissure, proctalgia fugax, levator ani syndrome, and less common causes include: cancer, infection, inflammatory bowel disease and rectal prolapse. See your doctor for help with a diagnosis.
Many. Rectal pain can be caused by a thrombosed hemorrhoid. Rectal fissure or tear, and by infection such as a perianal abscess. Some of these conditions can be cared for with laxatives and nonsurgical means, but they do need to be evaluated by ones doctor.
Several things. Some benign causes could include hemorrhoids or breaks in the skin called fissures, while more dangerous cause may include ulcers or even cancer. The should be evaluated by your physician and if you are over the age of 50 you should be considered for a screening colon exam.