How much blood loss is too much during the last week on birth control pills?

It depends. If you are feeling light headed or fatigue you may be suffering from low iron due to the blood loss. Getting your blood levels of iron would be helpful.

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I missed two birth control pills of the last week of the pack and started my period I just noticed brown stringy blood and bright red blood why?

MIssed birth control. Missing pills is a common reason that women get "breakthrough bleeding". Consistency with any type of hormonal contraceptive is very important to prevent pregnancy as well as controlling your menses.

What are inexpensive ways (not able to take birth control pills) to stop periods forever or at least slow down blood flow during menstration @ age 43?

Less bleeding. The least expensive way is probably Mirena (levonorgestrel) or depoprovera. You could starve yourself or become a serious athlete instead, as low body fat can lead to less menstrual bleeding.

I'm 23 female, I have low bleeding during period, it gets over whithin 3 days and the flow of blood is very less, I took birth control pills few times?

Blessing. Women with short and light menstrual periods typically feel blessed. Hormonal birth control can make women have shorter and lighter periods. The intensity of a woman's menstrual period is not correlated to her fertility, if that is a concern.

I stopped my birth control pills. I was regular for the first few months but this month I am a week late. What blood test should I have?

HCG. If you had sex since your last period, you may do a home pregnancy test with first morning urine. Alternatively you could get a blood test for HCG. Conception, as defined by the generation of a fertilized ovum, occurs within day or so of the sex. However, it takes about 2-3 weeks for the embryo to make enough HCG to produce a positive pregnancy test. Blood test may be done a day after a missed period. Home pregnancy tests should be done 4-5 days after the missed period. If the result is negative repeat the test in 4-5 days. Use first morning urine and follow instructions for the test carefully. If you do not wish to be pregnant, use contraception all the time, every time. You may consider implanted contraceptive, or IUD. Practice safe sex. Get HPV vaccine.