How is rectal prolapse generally treated?

Several different wa. The rx of rectal prolapse(rp) depends on age, muscle strength, and type of rp. In aged people, we do a perineal proctoplasty, removing the prolapsing rectum with out opening the abdomen. In younger people we usually resect the redundant sigmoid and /or tack the upper recum to the posterior fascia. The important thing is to avoid straining and you may avoid surgery at all.
Problem bulge. Prevention with stool softeners is the start. Once advanced enough it is treated surgically. Most of the time it is a bulge into the vagina (rectocele) and an outpatient vaginal surgery. A true prolapse of the rectum through the anus is rare and can be treated rectally, abdominally or vaginally. Vaginal surgery reduces the vaginal bulge and builds up the tissue b/w the anus and vagina to bolster.