What is postpanoxic encephalopathy?

Post-anoxic? Post-anoxic encephalopathy occurs when the brain is deprived of oxygen for a period of time. There are many causes of this including when a patient suffers a cardiac arrest and survives a prolonged resuscitation attempt. Sometimes, in this case, the body survives but the brain suffers a severe injury and the patient does not awaken.

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Explain what happens in postpanoxic encephalopathy?

Encephalopathy. Post anoxic encephalopathy or hypoxic encephalopathy is a condition characterized by brain dysfunction caused by lack of oxygen delivery to the brain. The patient may have coma, seizures, agitation, motor, sensory, and/or cognitive impairment. Patient recovery from this state varies, but there may be significant residual neurological deficits. Read more...