Are there long term affects if you recovered from viral encephalitis as a child?

Occasionally. Some people will develop epilepsy or suffer other sequelae of the encephalitis. Most people will not have long term affects.

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I'm scared my baby has contracted viral encephalitis. What should I look out for?

Encephalitis symptom. Watch for change in its normal behaviors...Increased fussiness, vomiting, crying inconsolably, or fever and seizure activity.
Headache etc. Headache, which in preverbal children may only result in fussiness, failure to thrive, vomiting, lethargy. Other symptoms include neck rigidity, body arching, unresponsiveness, seizures, fever, speech disturbance, hallucinations, emotional lability (outbursts). Possibilities are numerous.

How long cn it take to restore normal functionality after brain swelling due to viral encephalitis/meningitis? What are the chances of full recovery?

Good chance. Depending on the severity of the meningitis, I have found that most of my patients do very well, and have a full, or near full recovery. Occasionally, there are cases that leave behind scars that can lead to seizures, or brain injury. However, this is best answered by the neurologist or neurosurgeon that was involved with the specific case, since there can be many factors relating to outcome.

Hw long brain swelling aftr japanese encephalitis takes to cure & whn cn v expect maximum recovery? Viral encephalitis is less serious thn bacterial?

Japanese encephaliti. This very severe disease has a better than 30% mortality rate and a 30% incidence of neurological dysfunction after recovery. Severity of both depend upon the particular organism causing the brain inflammation.

What can be done for viral encephalitis?

Depends on the virus. Most cases of viral encephalitis may be minimal and clinically mild and flu-like. But herpes encephalitis and west nile could both be deadly. We have some vaccines, and also anti-viral agents, and, of course, excellent in-patient care in various hospitals. Early treatment results in more favorable outcomes. Mosquitos are often vectors.

Can you tell me how is fungal different from viral encephalitis?

Etiology. The symptoms of the two are similar, both manifesting as confusion, altered mental state. The etiology are different, one caused by fungal organisms and one by virus. One requires treatment of anti-fungal agents and one with anti-viral.

I had a form of viral encephalitis when I was three years old, now 22 I am curious to know if I am at risk for it again now?

No. Viral infections are generally hit and run phenomenon. You were cured once and don't have to worry again. It is possible to get another encephalitis from a different virus though. Beware of the mosquito....

How can viral encephalitis cause inflammation in the brain?

Infection. Viral encephalitis is an infection of the brain (like meningitis but that is an infection of the covering of the brain-the meninges). The infection causes an increase in white blood cells-that is the cause of the inflammation. The white blood cells fight the infection.
Encephalitis. Viral encephalitis is a viral infection of the brain. Brain swelling occurs due to the inflammation.

Viral encephalitis vs meningitis which is more serious nd fatal and which can be cured to a good level after it happens? Usual recovery time?

CNS infection. This is dependent on the causative agents, the time therapy is begun, the immune status of the person infected, the therapy available and other factors. There is not a simple answer to this question.