What are the physical effects of carbon monoxide poisoning if you survive?

Depends on dose. The long term effects of co poisoning depend on the dose and duration of exposure. Exposure to small doses at the lower limits of toxicity (35 parts per million for 8 hours) may cause only mild symptoms while higher doses (> 200 ppm) may have long term consequences. See this page for more details: http://biology. About. Com/od/molecularbiology/a/carbon_monoxide. Htm.
Active tissue death. Carbon monoxide causes its toxic effects by preventing the effective transport of oxygen, and as such causes damage to tissue that is highly metabolically active (and requires more oxygen to stay alive). This leads to strokes, heart damage, and kidney damage. Chronic low-level exposure can lead to cognitive problems, increased cardiovascular risk, and other issues.

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Can you tell me the physical effects of carbon monoxide poisoning before death?

Sleep. When carbon monoxide replaces the oxygen in your blood cells, your system slows down and you fall into a sleep like coma with eventual death. The hemoglobin with carbon monoxide is very red in color so death in this way causes a very florid flushing appearance of the victim.

So is it possible to have carbon monoxide poisoning and survive?

Yes. Carbon monoxide exposure varies and the severity of symptoms is based on the amount of exposure. The symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure are consistent with the percentage of red blood cells saturated. First symptoms of exposure are headache, light headedness and fatigue which is usuall associated with 10 to 15% exposure. Significant symptoms begin after 30% and fatal at above 50%.

Please tell me what are effects of carbon monoxide poisoning?

Exposure. Carbon monoxide has a stronger affinity (bonding) to the red cells hemoglobin molecule than oxygen, so the presence of increased levels of carbon monoxide in air can gradually displace the oxygen. As it circulates in the blood, the hemoglobin is not carrying useful oxygen, so the cells starve and the poisoning occurs. Cell death can occur if oxygen does not return in time.

What are the long term effects of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning?

Includes: Some develop a parkinsonian appearance mimicking true parkinson's tremors and rigidity. Cognitive problem such as memory loss and poor organizational skills may occur. Incoordination and imbalance may be problems, and chronic headaches are not uncommon.