Can e-coli lay dormant and then suddenly cause kidney infections?

No. E. Coli is commonly found around the external urinary openings but it does not lay dormant. It will actively infect when it can. Infections may appear suddenly.

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What cause a kidney infection from the strep bacteria? Everytine I get one it's always caused by the strep bacteria never e. Coli

Pyelonephritis. If you're having recurring infections of your kidney (as opposed to bladder infections), you should see a urologist for evaluation. This is not normal.

Had a kidney infection caused by e.coli. On IV aztreonam for 14 days. Feel better but all lymph nodes have started to swell on treatment day 10 of 14

Follow up. Are you still on Aztreonam? Lymph node swelling maybe just reactionary, you MUST follow up with your PCP or ID physician and tell them, so that they do a physical examination. Especially if you have finished this course days ago.

Kidney infection caused by e coli, taking cipro (ciprofloxacin). I still have the UTI problems, and awful headches. Almost done taking my cipro (ciprofloxacin).?

Reevaluation. See your doctor again to be re-evaluated. You need to make sure that the kidney infection has cleared completely. Generalized headaches are common when you are sick from other causes, especially if you are headache-prone.