What exactly is the pathophysiology of bacterial meningitis?

Invasionand Response. Bacterial meningitis usually begins with nasopharyngeal colonization by an organism, followed by invasion and bacteremia. The generation of an intense subarachnoid space inflammatory response, induced by release of bacterial virulence factors and/or inflammatory cytokines on sequences of bacterial meningitis, including cerebral edema, increased intracranial pressure, and alterations of blood flow.

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My doctor thinks I might have bacterial meningitis. Wants more info to confirm, but I am worried. What exactly is it?

Hope Dr got info. Your brain & spinal cord are surrounded by a layer of cushion like material like bubble wrap. These meninges float along within layers of sterile fluid that helps cushion your brain & cord from jaring trauma. If germs get into these layers, they can begin to attack your brain & cause death or permanent damage. The basic confirmatory test is a spinal tap, withdrawing some fluid & looking for germs.
Infected brain liner. It's a bacterial infection of the lining of the brain. A spinal tap must be done to withdraw spinal fluid to diagnose this serious infection, and IV antibiotics and hospitalization are generally required. Regardless of the cause of your symptoms, I hope you have a speedy recovery.
Viral meningitis? Bacterial meningitis (bm) is a life-threatening infection in the fluid surrounding the brain & spinal cord. Symptoms are sudden onset of fever, headache, stiff neck, vomiting often accompanied by seizures, confusion, & coma. Suspicion of bm, based on history & physical exam mandates immediate diagnostic spinal tap. If you had bm you wouldn't be surfing the internet. Perhaps viral meningitis.