If I have urinary incontinence -- ob/gyn, urologist or urogynecologist?

Experience and focus. Are most important. A urogynecologist has 3 years of additional formal training and his/her practice focuses on women's bladder problems.
Start with OB /GYN. There are several causes of urinary incontinence and your ob/gyn should be able to take a history and do an exam to ascertain which type you have. If it happens when you cough or sneeze and started after having children, it is probably stress incontinence and the first thing to try are kegel exercises. If it is right after delivery, it may resolve over time, but exercises still help.
UROGYN . This is your choice but a physician who is fellowship trained in urogynecology has significant specialized training in this area.
Depends. Any of these specialists may be able to help you with urinary incontinence. If you plan to see an ob/gyn make sure that they see patients with this problem and do incontinence procedures. If you see a urologist, make sure they are interested in female incontinence. Urogynecologists specialize in female incontinence and pelvic floor problems. Look for someone experienced!
Any. Actually any one of those specialties can usually accommodate your needs. A urogynecologist specializes in this area and may have more of an interest.
Loaded question. I am a urogyn so of course i want to say "urogyn." however any gynecologist, urogynecologist or urologist can do it. You need to find someone whom has done a lot of cases and feels comfortable handling the complications. It never hurts to get a second opinion prior to surgery.
Start with ObGyn . Ask your obgyn what their experience is with treating female incontince. If treating incontince isn't their thing, ask them to refer you to someone.
Urogyn. Will have the most experience while still keeping u as comfortable as possible. Most of my patients like the idea that the exam room next to theirs isnt occupied by a man getting a rectal exam for prostate.
Depends. As a general obgyn, i treat this problem routinely. Most women have an established relationship with an obgyn, so discuss there first. If referral is needed, your personal physician can assist you.

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