Can a urogynecologist fix my incontinence better than my regular obgyn?

Depends. As a general obgyn, i treat this problem routinely. Most women have an established relationship with an obgyn, so discuss there first. If referral is needed, your personal physician can assist you.
Often. A urogynecologist focuses their practice on the treatment of the pelvic floor disorders. A urogyn likely has more experience than your general ob/gyn. If you have an unusual history or complications from previous surgery i would strongly encourage you to seek care from a specialist for your opportunity of the best outcome.
Probably. A physician who is fellowship trained likely will be better equipped to manage this issue for you.
Loaded question. I am a urogyn so of course i want to say "yes". However any gynecologist, urogynecologist or urologist can do it. You need to find someone whom has done a lot of cases and feels comfortable handling the complications. It never hurts to get a second opinion prior to surgery.
Depends. There are many obgyn's who have years of experience treating female incontinence and do a very good job. You should ask your obgyn what their experience is.
Possibly. For most obgyns OB is a large focus of their practice. Even if u have just straight forward incontinence u need a doc who has done at least 100 slings. Most urogyns in practice for a few year have done several hundred.