How do surgeons fix a vaginal prolapse?

Surgically. Vaginal prolapse that doesn't respond to conservative treatment can be treated surgically. The approach can be through the abdomen, through the vagina, or a combination of both. Repair can be with or without mesh products. The surgery should be tailored to your specific problem (s) depending on your symptoms and examination findings.

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Whats the best surgical treatment for vaginal prolapse?

Patient specific. The best surgical treatment is one that is tailored to your specific findings and complaints. One surgery does not fit all patients. There is controversy about newer mesh surgery versus older methods. There is more and more robotic prolapse surgery. The best surgery is one done to your specific needs by a surgeon who does these surgeries often and has experience.
There are severtypes. Of prolapse so it depends on what is falling down. A thorough eval is important with a doc whose practice focuses on prolapse surgery like a urogyn.

How exactly does a doctor go in and fix vaginal prolapse?

Several options. Depending on your age, you may want to consider just a pessary to "hold everything in." most procedures for prolapse are now done abdominally and/or with minimally invasive procedures. The procedures involve attaching the pelvic fascia, the tissue on the inside to structures inside your abdomen, such as cooper's ligament or the sacrum.
Vaginal surgery. Usually but not always using suture and your own tissues.

Shooting pains and dragging in pelvic area. Have a vaginal prolapse I think. Will that cause pain? Very uncomfortable at the moment! Should I go back?

Yes. Prolapse can cause dragging pain also you will notice something coming down in vagina or out of vagina.
Could be prolapse. Prolapse can cause pain if it gets severe. A gyn or urogynecologist can evaluate.

I think I have a vaginal prolapse as this bulge is annoying and painful during intercourse. Had it for many years : (concerned, haven't had children?

Needs exam. Vaginal prolapse in a 26 year old with no history of pregnancy would be very rare but anything is possible. Schedule a visit with an Obgyn. They can do a pelvic exam and determine what is going on.