What are the symptoms of vaginal prolapse?

Vaginal issues. The most common symptoms are vaginal pressure and bulging tissue at the vaginal opening. These tend to worsen late in the day. Associated symptoms might be urinary incontinence, difficulty emptying the bladder completely, having to insert fingers into the vagina to help with a bowel movement, or complaints from a sexual partner that there seems to be something in the vagina during intercourse.
POP symptoms. Pressure and fullness in the vaginal area are most common, especially after standing for long periods or with heavy work/lifting. Sometimes pain with intercourse occurs also. Most women do not realize they have an issue until they see or feel a bulge, usually with wiping after urination.
Pressure and a bulge. The most common symptoms of vaginal prolapse are pelvic pressure and a mass mass bulging into or through the vaginal opening. Many women also report urinary incontinence, difficulty emptying the bladder, difficulty with intercourse or difficulty having a bowel movement. Symptoms may worsen standing lifting or other activities. Symptoms may improve with rest.