I have urge incontinence. What are my options?

A few options. The treatment options include medication, and neuromodulation therapy. The latter is known as interstim therapy. The meds inhibit inappropriate contractions (spasms) of the bladder's detrusor muscle, which is the cause of ui. Pts with ui have an overactive detrusor. If the meds are not tolerated, ineffective or contraindicated, interstim is usually very effective and is a simple, safe option.
Many. There are many options to treat urge incontinence. They include: behavior and diet modification (ie timed voiding, avoiding bladder irritants), pelvic floor rehabilitation/physical therapy, medications (ditropan, detrol, (tolterodine) etc, etc, etc), percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation, sacral neuromodulation (interstim), Botox bladder injections and more radical surgical procedures to augment the bladder.