What options are there for treatment of a rectocele?

Many. Speak with a colorectal or specialized urogynecologist. It depends on the size and your previous history.
Surgery or not. Rectocele - the rectum bulges into or out of the vagina. Ways to decrease the symptoms of a rectocele include increasing dietary fiber, preventing constipation and straining during bowel movements. Laxatives and stool softeners may also help. Weight loss in obese individuals decreases pelvic pressure. A vaginal pessary may help to decrease symptoms. A vaginal surgical procedure may fix it.
Several options. Depending on the degree of prolapse and how symptomatic you are. Treatment options range from pessary insertion to surgical management. Surgical procedure modality depends on how large the rectocoele is and what else is involved. These repairs can be done vaginally or laparoscopically and they can be done with native tissue or require synthetic material for better support.