Is it possible that eating such small amounts of sugar could exacerbate mitral valve prolapse?

MVP. The symptoms of mitral valve prolapse can be brought on by a multitude of reasons. The most common are dehydration, caffeine, nicotine or other stimulants like dietary supplements. Sugar doesn't usually trigger mvp symptoms but everyone is different. As always, talk to your doctor for more details.

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What does stage iia2 mean? (mitral valve prolapse)

Mitral valve prolaps. Mitral valve has anterior (a) and posteriotr leaflets (p). Prolapse has 4 stages. Stage i is mild, stage 2 is moderate, stage 3 is moderate to severe and stage 4 is severe degree. Anterior leaf let has three sections labeled as a1, a2, a3. Stage ii a2 means: a2 section shows moderate degree of prolapse. Read more...