Can leaving a tampon in too long cause someone to have loss of bladder control?

No. Leaving a tampond in will not cause loss of bladder control. You can develope a vaginal infection and subsequently develope a urinary tract infection which may result in loss of bladder control.
Not likely. No, not likely .... But, it does but you at high risk for vaginal infection (like bacterial vaginosis or worse case scenario toxic shock syndrome). Typical recommendation is not to leave your tampons in more than 8 hours. And, don't use tampons if your not menstruating.

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Can leaving a tampon too long cause loss of bladder control?

Unlikely. Leaving a tampon in too long is unlikely to cause loss of bladder control unless it causes a vaginal or bladder infection, which can increase your loss of bladder control. We actually recommend using a tampon during exercise as a way to prevent exercise induced bladder leakage, as a tampon can support the bladder neck. Read more...