Is surgery for urine leaking really awful?

Treatable condition. Two common reasons for urine leakage in women. Urge incontinence occurs when the bladder spasms pushing urine out. Medications help. Stress incontinence occurs after childbirth where the urethra support is stretched so it sags and urine leakage occurs with coughing, laughing, and exercise. Kegels may help. If not, then a sling works well: takes 10 minutes, outpatient, & recovery in few days.

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Bladder mesh surgery a month ago. Still leaking urine at times and bulging feeling in vaginal. Surgery failure?

Speak to the surgeon. Only your surgeon can tell if it is part of healing process or ' surgery failure ' as you put . do take time to heal and also will need special exercises to develop spinctor tone . Read more...