Is it nut ok for me to have a kellogg's protein shake in the am everyday because I'm nursing my newborn? Could this upset his tummy n make him be making grunting noises even though bowls r fine?

Normal baby noises. This shake should be fine.If you want to try some alternative components to mix or add to the shake that is fine also. Babies have no social conscience and make all kinds of noises to suit themselves.Don't over read their significance.Your body sorts out what should go into the milk. If baby is thriving, ignore the noises.
Yes. Kellogg protein shakes contain dairy and that can cause tummy upset in your newborn. Make your own shakes with fresh fruit, almond or rice milk, veggies of your choice and protein powder (whey or pea protein not casein). Dairy is the number one allergenic food for newborns. Can cause colicky symptoms, eczema, diarrhea, discomfort.