How often do you find nutritional intervention without drugs successful in a course of treatment for metabolic syndrome?

You've got the power. Eat well: good portions, whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies. Get moving 30-60 minutes every day. These are powerful things you can do for not only metabolic syndrome but also preventing cancer and being healthy all over. High five on asking good questions and making great changes. You can do it, .
Depends on. Your motivation and what you mean by intervention. Metabolic syndrome can often be treated/cured with a lifestyle change. The key is regular daily exercise (i say 1 hour) and eating a very healthy diet. Specifically i would avoid all processed foods/carbs. You have to be serious about diet & lifestyle here but it will work. Oh, it is worth it too!
CanBeSuccessful. In some cases nutritional intervention with weight loss and exercise may be successful in correcting Metabolic Syndrome Blood sugar brought to nomal Weight loss and reducing waist circumference Correct cholesterol abnormalities Correct BP But needs lot of discipline.
Consistent results. Eat only meat or fish or cheese or eggs or poultry and low starch veggies, drink only water. In other words avoid all carbs, carbs will only briefly raise your sugar levels and then you will get hungry again. The fats in the meat or fish or cheese or eggs or poultry will act like a "log on your metabolic fire" to keep your blood sugar stable for hours . Healthy blood sugar 90-99.