Alcoholic beverages while breastfeeding?

Don't drink. Long answer is also short. It is not a good idea to drink alcohol while breastfeeding. Alcohol will find its way into breast milk!
A little can be ok. Wait 4 hours after drinking each glass of wine before you feed your baby or pump milk that you are saving. There are test strips available in most stores that test for alcohol in your milk. These can tell you if the milk is safe to give baby. Never sleep in the same bed as baby if you have had alcohol.

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I'm a breastfeeding mom of a 2mo old. I'm about 5' & 100lbs. How can I safely consume a few alcoholic beverages w/o harming my baby? I own a breast pump

Alcohol and milk. An occasional alcoholic drink will not harm your infant in fact beer used to be recommended to stimulate milk production. Enjoy.
No need to pump &. Dump per laleche league's the breastfeeding answer book (pp. 597-598) alcohol passes freely into mother's milk & has been found to peak about 30- 60 minutes after consumption, 60-90 minutes when taken with food. Alcohol also freely passes out of a mother's milk and her system. It takes a 120 pound woman ~ 2-3 hours to eliminate from her body the alcohol in one serving of beer or wine.

Is safe to have a couple alcoholic beverages while on a zpac?

Yes. You can drink alcohol when on zithromax in moderation. Otherwise it can make it's side effects worse.
Not every day. Once is ok. Z pack is given to you for some kind of infection. This AB does not affect the liver and some times causes GI upset.

Why shouldn't I drink alcoholic beverages while taking metronizole 500mg?

You will get sick. Drinking alcohol while taking Metronidazole can cause violent nausea, vomiting and other unpleasant symptoms of being ill. Asking this question makes me wonder if you are not an alcoholic. A normal drinker can easily follow the doctor's advice not to drink while on metronidazole.

Is it okay to drink alcoholic beverages & smoke with ocd?

Drinking with OCD. Drinking on a regular basis can further increase your anxiety and may impede in your treatment like developing coping skills to deal with your anxiety. Smoking can also decrease the effect of medications if you are taking for ocd.

Can you drink alcoholic beverages & smoke if you have ocd?

Neither is good. Alcohol is a depressant, and should not be combined with antidepressants. Smoking can increase anxiety, and is bad for your health, but does not cause ocd to be worse.

Daily supplement says don't take with alcoholic beverages. Can I drink later though?

I never understand. Why people who ask if it's ok to drink never say HOW MUCH they are drinking HOW OFTEN. I guess I actually do understand - it is because they are drinking too much, too often. If you are talking about 1-2 social drinks on an occasion after taking your supplement (what kind, for what purpose?) it probably doesn't matter, but if you are getting drunk, then DON'T.