I'm 6 months pregnant and I feel really gasy what can I do?

Pregnancy/gassy. Avoid certain foods that produce ore gas.Like beans, cabbage, onions, brussel sprouts, cauliflowers, brocolli, asparagus and corn.And fruits like pears, apples, prunes, milk, ice cream, cheeses and carbonated drinks. If you still feel gassy you can take semithicone which does not affect pregnancy and is safe as it does not cross placenta, but safety has not been evaluated.
The task with Gas. I assume you are passing gas. Colon contains 1, 000 trillion bacteria in it and lots of them make gas. The more that do the more you blow up inside and it is uncomfortable. We dont know how to even begin to change something so complex. Probiotics 2 times a day, cut lactose and artificial sweeteners and see if helps. Avoid legumes and broccoli.