I've been having shooting chest pains and numbness on my right chest, also a shortness of breath. It hurts when I eat and I have spasms everyday.?

Chest pain. Kristel this one should be evaluated by your family physician. It can be a variety of things that would require more in depth questions and perhaps testing to get you the right answer and feeling better.

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What are possible causes of arm, chest pain numbness in hand as well as shortness of breath?

Heart attack. If all the symptoms are on the left and sometimes even on the right, the heart attack would be the first to check for and rule out, also pulmonary emboli, musculoskeletal causes like costochondritis, but in any case if you have those symptoms you need to go to er asap as it can be life threatening.
Variable. Symptoms: chest and neck and left arm pain can all occur elephant sitting on your chest shortness of breath fatigue anxiety fear some are asymptomatic signs: cold clammy low pulse rate, or fast irregular sudden death, .