I'm feeling vert fatigued and tired out both physically and mentally. What can I do to feel better?

Find cause. First, get a good physical, nurolgical, and mental health exam via your doctor. Blood tests, etc. May need to be done to look for possible causes of your symptoms. Anemia, dabetes, and thyroid problems are conditions that could cause tiredness. Based on your age and gender, hormone / menopausal issues must be considered. Depression is a possibility. Once you determine the cause, the cure follows.
Many Options. 1. Exercise 2. Proper sleep 3. Healthy diet 4. Consult with doctor to rule out medical problems 5. Meditation 6. Relaxation training (just to name a few).
Good idea to be chec. Physical and mental exhaustion can be signs of stress, being overwhelmed and so on. They can also be symptoms from medical conditions such as thyroid, anemia, heart or lung disease, too though, so good to see provider to review history and get exam. Being sure to eat healthy, stay hydrated, get regular sleep and exercise, and having supports are keys to feeling well, but may nt be enough right now.