What vitamins help boost metabolism?

B vitamins,Magnesium. Studies show that taking a daily dose of b12, b6 and thiamine boosts metabolism, and reduces fatigue, enhances your mood and even improves digestion. Magnesium is also linked to metabolism, but the older you get, the less you absorb, so lots of green leafy veges and seafood helps.
None. Vitamins don't boost metabolism; they enable it. Contrary to popular hyperbole and hoopla, once you have an adequate amount of the 13 essential vitamins and minerals, extra vitamins and minerals will not have positive affects on your health. Exercise is the best and safest way to boost your metabolism.

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What supplement or vitamin will help boost metabolism? I work out and eat well. Seeking safe boost from vitamin source.

Metabolism Boost. Green tea can boost metabolism. B12 can boost your metabolism if you are low on B12. If your thyroid function is low, sometimes iodine, selenium, or zinc can support thyroid function and boost your metabolism. . Read more...