Is a thyroid nodule fna biopsy painful?

It varies. The level of discomfort experienced can vary considerably. Different people have different pain tolerance. Inflammatory nodules are likely to be more tender than cysts or tumors. Different doctors choose different size needles. Some use lidocaine, a local anesthetic, some do not. Most patients experience a level of pain similar to what they feel while getting an IV started.
FNA and pain. These are generally not painful. I speak from both personal and professional experience. There is mainly a pressure sensation.
Not lasting pain. Most of my patients who undergo thyroid fna biopsy state that there is some pain, but nothing last lasts beyond a few minutes. Some surgeons will place a small amount of local anesthetic in the skin around the thyroid so that the patient will not feel the "sting" of the needle piercing the skin. The fna biopsy is better describes as uncomfortable as opposed to painful.

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Can another fna thyroid nodule biopsy be taken 2 weeks after a previous fna biopsy?

It can but why. It can be done 2 weeks after the first one, but I wonder why it needs to be done. Was the first one not informative?
Better to wait. Cytopathologists may preferr that you wait a couple of months if it is slightly suspicious but inconclusive. Inflammation can make interpretion harder. On the other hand, if the fna was nondiagnostic because of too few cells, it is desirable to repeat it within a reasonably short period of time.

What's your opinion on doing a fna biopsy on a thyroid nodule that is "ill-defined" and "hypervascular" but only 6 mm?

Difficult fna. An fna of a 6mm nodule would be technically difficult but would easier under ultasound guidance. Talk with your doctor to determine the best course of action. It's probably safe to watch and rescan later.

Do all thyroid nodules require a fine needle aspiration biopsy?

No. Nodules less than 0.8 CM generally do not need further evaluation with fna (fine needle aspiration). Nodules 1.5 CM or greater should usually be checked with an fna. For intermediate nodules, those between 0.8 and 1.5 cm, a doctor may consider the appearance of the nodule, and other risk factors in deciding whether or not to recommend an fna.
No, but. That's a very complicated question. The short answer is no, but the nuances of which thyroid nodule to biopsy and when are complex and beyond the context of this forum.
Almost all. Fna is fast and informative way to evaluate thyroid nodules. Fna is recomended to undestand the morphology of the nodule: benign or malignant before treatment.
Usually Yes. Fine needle aspiration biopsy is relatively easy procedure and it can give a lot of information whether cancerous or non-cancerous. If nodule is cancerous, it may classify the cancer such as; papillary, follicular, medullary or anaplastic type etc. Each may have different approach of treatment. If nodule is benign or reactive, you may not need further treatment. Follow up could be a recommendation.

solid thyroid nodule was 3.3 last year now 3.5 cm. Fna biopsy normal in 2011. should I be concern. Endo said see me one yr with ultrasound. Worried?

Thyroid nodule. You already know that the nodule was benign in 2011. 3.3 vs 3.5 cm is basically the same. Since you had the ultrasound, you should see your endo, and probably get new set of thyroid tests, but it does not need to be urgent if you are feeling well.
Size is of concern. Your endocrinologist is correct. Given a recent negative FNA, and the size changes within the margin of error, it is safe to assume its benignity. However, most surgeons recommend removing a solid nodule when it reaches 4 cm in diameter, on the assumption that FNA, at this size, may not be accurate due to sampling errors. So, not to worry, but keep an eye on the size.

I would like fine needle biopsy on thyroid nodule-- help?

If doctor recommends. Thyroid nodules are very common and don't necessarily have to be biopsied, especially if small and dont have concerning ultrasound features. The issue of which nodules to biopsy is a controversial one, best left up to your doctor. The fna of a nodule is a common procedure and done with only a tiny needle, so do not worry if you have to have this done.

How do I get a fine needle biopsy on thyroid nodule-- help?

Thyroid needle bx. You may need an Endocrinologist. Do you need a biopsy? Presumably you have an enlarged thyroid/nodules. A thyroid u/s is very sensitive at picking up even insignificant nodules. Fibrosis from Hashimotos doesn't need a bx. An Endocrinologist who does U/S guided biopsies is the best choice, but if none are available, some radiologists do this, but the interpretation can be tricky.

I need a fine needle biopsy on thyroid nodule. What can I expect from the procedure?

Usually ultrasound. Image-guided, minimally invasive procedures of thyroid most often performed by trained radiologist with experience in needle aspirations and ultrasound. Needle biopsies are usually done on an outpatient. May or may not numb area. Transducer over skin. Soreness for 1- 2 days. Physician inserts fine gauge needle through the skin and advances it into the thyroid nodule. Samples of cells are obtained.